June 9, 2023

Iefata Williams

From Kelston Boys High School, Iefata has been involved in sport as a player, referee and coach as well as being a stage performer. Recognised by his school as a leader, he has also mentored junior pupils. Iefata intends to study Health Sciences with the goal of entering Medical School.
June 9, 2023

Farran Ram

Academically able, and involved in a wide variety of school activities at Massey High, Farrran has shown a dedication to helping both her fellow students and others in the wider community. She intends to study health sciences with the goal of becoming a doctor, and we expect her drive and ability will ensure that she succeeds.
June 9, 2023

Jack Winter

Jack was Deputy Head Boy at Fairfield College. He was active in both sports and the arts. He started a Queer Straight Alliance group at his school and was a voluntary Facilitator at Waikato Queer Youth.