The principal objective of the Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust is to actively fundraise and attract sponsorships, donations and bequests in order to maintain a fund available to build strength through diversity within the LGBTQI+ community in New Zealand. Grants are available to not-for-profit organisations, at times advertised by the Trust, in order to support a range of rainbow-affirming projects and to assist LGBTQI+ support services.

Funding criteria for support includes:

  • alignment with the Trust's purpose and objectives
  • applications which benefit the wider NZ Rainbow community rather than any particular individual
  • clear and transparent benefits specifically targeting the LGBTQI+ community in NZ
  • the ability of the applicant to deliver the proposed project
  • the availability of funds

Community Participation Grants contribute to LGBTQI+ projects and initiatives that may be held from time to time that benefit our community encompassing educational, cultural, sporting and other events including those held during Pride Parades and/or Festivals and other rainbow events around the country.

Applications for Community Participation Grants may be submitted at any time. Please apply a minimum of two months before the funds are required.

To complete the Community Participation Application Form, click below.

Community Support Grants contribute to permanent LGBTQI+ services and resources that provide education, cultural benefit, health, welfare and support, to ensure their sustainability. This can include funding of some overhead or operational costs.

Applications for Community Participation Grants may be submitted at any time. Please apply a minimum of two months before the funds are required.

To complete the Community Support Application Form, click below.

Previous Grants

Tauranga Moana Pride – $2,000 – Event Sponsorship

Introspect Theatre – $500 – Event Sponsorship

Rainbow Pride Auckland – $5,000 – Parade Sponsorship

TAPAC / Night of the Queer – $2,360 – Event Sponsorship

OUTLine – $2,500 – Purchase of Computer

Ace and Isaac – $1,000 – Event/Theatre Sponsorship

Wellington Pride Festival – $3,000 – Event Sponsorship

Charlotte Museum – $3,000 – Video/Archive Sponsorship

Wellington Indian Pride – $1,500 – Event Participation Sponsorship

Inside Out – $2,500 – Education Resource Sponsorship

UniQ Victoria University – $1,000 – Funding for GALA Ball and a range of events during Victoria Uni PRIDE week

Rainbow Eastern BOP – $1,000 – Funding to develop first ever PRIDE event in Whakatane

Dust Palace Charitable Trust – $2,000 – Circus theatre all–LGBTIQ+ cast production’ Into The Bush’

Finding the Lighthouse Film – $2,000 – Video Sponsorship

CHROMA: The LGBTQI+ Initiative for Southland – $2,000 – Event Sponsorship

The Ara Collective – $1,000 – The LGBTQI+ initiative to support internet safety education for queer kids

Lincoln University Student Association – $1,000 – The LGBTQI+ initiative for Lincoln – Event Sponsorship

Rainbow Pride Auckland – $7,500 – Parade Sponsorship

Manawatu Lesbian & Gay Rights Assn Inc – $1,000 – Record the LGBTQI+ History of the Manawatu – Event Sponsorship

Same Same But Different LGBTQI+ literary festival & writing contest - $2,200. Event sponsorship

Rainbow Pasefika at Wellington Museum - $2,000. Event sponsorship

Auckland Pride Festival 'Our Gala' event - $3,000. Event sponsorship

Orchestra Wellington - $1,250. Wellington International Pride Parade participation sponsorship

Wellington Pride Festival - Out in the Park - $4,000. Main stage construction costs

Rainbow Pride Auckland Parade- $4,000. Event sponsorship

TAPAC/Night of the Queer - $2,360. Event sponsorship

Auckland Pride Festival Tennis Tournament - $800. Event Sponsorship

Wellington International Pride Parade - $3,000. Event sponsorship

Dunedin Pride - $1,657. Event sponsorship

Charlotte Museum - $2,350. Policy reviews & museum status recertification

Inside Out, Wellington - $4,000. Development of Pride week event framework for High Schools nationwide

Rainbow Wellington - $1,500. Event sound system

Falcons Gay Rugby Team - $2,850. Player jerseys

The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust was proud to distribute $11,800 in grant funding to support the staging of events during the 2019 Auckland Pride Festival and other events not part of the Festival. In addition we made our first grant for an event in the Wellington International Pride Parade (WIPP)

Charlotte Museum - $1,640 to set up an audio description system of the collection for visitors

Chroma Queens Go South - Invercargill Performance

RainbowYOUTH - Mental health professional resource

Dance Therapy NZ - Dance Movement Therapy drop in for LGBTQI+ youth

Rainbow Pride Auckland - $2,000. New organisation establishment seed

Auckland Community Participation Grants
  • Body Positive Big Gay Out stand
  • Doc Edge Pride 2019 Film Screenings
  • Legacy Project 6
  • Night of the Queer
  • Pride Tennis Tournament
  • Same Same But Different Literary Festival
  • Woof! The Auckland Rainbow Dog Show
Wellington International Pride Parade
  • Orchestra Wellington

The GABA Charitable Trust was proud to distribute $9,900 in grant funding to support the staging of events during the 2017 Auckland Pride Festival and to encourage participation in the Auckland Pride Parade.

Festival Production Grants
  • Dykes on Mikes
  • EquAsian
  • Impostar: Who Does He Think He Is?
  • The New Normal
  • We Don’t Have To Be The Building
  • Whati Te Waka
  • Woof!
  • Theta Project
  • Ze: Queer as F*ck!
Parade Participation Grants
  • Body Positive
  • Brass Bandits
  • CarribeaNZ Southern Stars Steel Band
  • EquAsian
  • Marching Boys
  • NZ Prostitutes Collective
  • OUTLine NZ
  • Rainbow Families
  • Whanau Uenuku
  • Whati Te Waka
  • YouthLine
  • Hamilton Pride

The Trust distributed $10,350 in grant funding to support the staging of events during February’s Auckland Pride Festival and to encourage participation in the Auckland Pride Parade 2016.

Festival Production Grants
  • Artspace – The Bill
  • Legacy Project
  • Pride Tennis Tournament
  • Proud To Play
  • RainbowYOUTH
  • Same Same But Different
  • Woof! The Auckland Pride Dog Show
Parade Participation Grants
  • Body Positive
  • CaribbeaNZ Southern Stars Steel Band
  • OUTLine NZ
  • Rainbow Family Te Whanau Uenuku
  • RainbowYOUTH

Gifting of $10,000 to community groups was celebrated on Wednesday 6 April, 2016 at Marcello’s Café in College Hill.

Auckland Women’s Centre received $1,000 to assist in the buying of books for two additional library units – Trans Women of colour and LGBTQI+ Youth. Prominent lesbian community member Cissy Rock accepted the gift on behalf of the organisation.

LowDown’s Cissy Rock, accepted a gifting of $500 for important replacements for sound gear for the lesbians out west and will also be available for other events throughout the community.

The Charlotte Museum Trust, receiving $2,000 from the trust to invest in a badge maker, a digital photo frame, and an LP to CD converter. These items will help to transplant the vast history of lesbian culture onto modern platforms and increase accessibility to these resources.

The Legacy Project received $2,000 to continue to support and co-ordinate community theatre projects from within the LGBTQI+ community to develop and stage eighteen short, theatrical works from the queer community.

Queer Aesthetic workshops of community group Breaking Boundaries were also supported this month by the trust with $1,000. “It is a really excited year for us at Breaking Boundaries”, says Joni Nelson, “we are stepping away from just being an online support service to actually being able to give back, start working with the community to create our own histories.”

OUTLine NZ was gifted the largest sum at $3,600 to fund clinical supervision and risk management training for the OUTLine team who work tirelessly with volunteers on the front line.

The GABA Charitable Trust distributed $10,075 in grant funding to support the staging of events during February’s Auckland Pride Festival and to encourage participation in the Auckland Pride Parade 2015.

Festival Production Grants
  • Alternative Bindings, literature programme
  • Breaking Boundaries, discussion programme
  • PulseArt, A Space for a Story exhibition
  • Rainbow Community Church, Worthy! musical
  • Rainbow Youth, Masquerade Ball
  • TAPAC, Night of the Queer cabaret
Parade Participation Grants
  • Aotea Drag Kings float
  • Aztec Gods float
  • Body Positive float
  • Brass Bandits float
  • Charlotte Museum float
  • Mika Haka Foundation float
  • OUTLine NZ float
  • Pasefika LGBTQI Youth float
  • Rainbow Families float
  • Rotorua Chamber of Pride float
  • UniQ float


These are available annually through the Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust to assist students who identify as LGBTQI+. Successful applicants would be able to demonstrate leadership qualities and a positive role model influence for Rainbow-affirming peer and community support, and have a good academic record.

The purpose of the Scholarship programme is to support, encourage and nurture our rainbow community leaders of the future.

Every year the Trust receives applications from dozens of outstanding LGBTQI+ youngsters who have demonstrated the most extraordinary achievements including community contribution beyond their years.

We welcome interest from tertiary institutions, corporates and benefactors in a position to contribute to this important programme to co-brand or fully fund additional LGBTQI+ scholarships.

Tertiary Scholarships are open to any LGBTQI+ high school student enrolling in a full-time degree course of at least three years duration, at any tertiary level institution recognised by the NZQA. See below to read our Conditions.

Rainbow NZ Trust General Tertiary Scholarships

The Trust offers two scholarships of $3,000 for study at any University, Polytechnic or Wānanga in New Zealand.

To complete an application form, click below.

AUT University/Rainbow NZ Trust Tertiary Scholarships

In 2014, GABA formed an alliance with AUT University, and now jointly offer two $3,000 scholarships for study at AUT, under the same conditions as our standard scholarships.

Applications must be made by September 30 through AUT by clicking this link.

Countdown/Rainbow NZ Trust Tertiary Scholarship

Countdown offers two scholarships of $4,000 for study at any University, Polytechnic or Wānanga in New Zealand.

To complete an application form, click below.

UBIQ University of Auckland and AUT Bookshop Vouchers

UBIQ is offering a $500 award to up to four scholarship recipients who attend the University of Auckland or AUT, to be spent on books and other resources at their on-campus stores or online at These vouchers will be added to up to four scholarships awarded by the Trust at its discretion and do not require a separate application.

Youth Development Scholarships

Spirit of Adventure Trust/Rainbow NZ Trust Scholarship

The Rainbow NZ Trust offers a scholarship on the Spirit of Adventure Trust’s 10 Day Youth Development Programme, open to any LGBTQI+ high school student aged 16-18 years old.

About the Programme

Spirit of Adventure Trust’s 10 Day Programme aboard the tall ship, Spirit of New Zealand, develops positive attributes such as confidence, resilience and self-esteem as well as a host of other leadership skills. This experience helps young people move into the next phase of their lives with more confidence to succeed.

The whole voyage is based on learning by doing. Trainees face all sorts of challenges and take part in lots of activities on the Ship, on the water and on the shore, leaving them with a level of self-empowerment only found on the Spirit of New Zealand.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Ruhith Pathirana – RNZCT / AUT Scholarship
Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Fashion Design at AUT

Ruhith was a leader of the Mount Maunganui College Gay-Straight Alliance, a member of the 2020 Mount Maunganui College student leadership team where he held the role of Executive Leader and a member of other school councils.

Ruhith enjoys volleyball, he has been part of school lip sync competitions and was a willing participant in school Athletics Days and Kapa Haka competitions. Outside school, he volunteered his time with Kai Aroha, a non-profit organisation that provides food and necessities for those in need and has given his time to help with costume design for the Gillian Moore School of Dance and has designed and created beautiful and detailed garments for a number of fashion competitions.

His academic record is outstanding. He gained both his NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 with an Excellence endorsement, alongside subject endorsements in Level 2 Visual Art Design, Technology Soft Materials and English (with Excellence) and Mathematics and Education for Sustainability (with Merit). Placed second in the Year 11 Woven and Twisted category; in the same competition in 2019 he gained a first place in the Senior Red-Carpet category, was second overall in the Craftsmanship division and third overall in the Supreme Design category. He won the Gown of the Year in 2019 and was awarded a photoshoot with photographer David Dunham. Placed second in the Senior Creative category of the 2019 national HETTANZ Fashion Awards.

Ruhith is a mature, empathetic and genuine person. He will be a positive influence on, and an asset to any organisation he is a part of. We wish him all the best and look forward to hearing of his future successes.

Autumn Brown – RNZCT / AUT Scholarship + UBIQ Voucher
Bachelor of Visual Arts, Spatial Design Major – Bachelor of Design at AUT

For the past two years Autumn has run their school's LGBTQI+ club at St Cuthbert's College. Providing a safe and welcoming environment for the young students as a mentor, guiding them through their journey of exploring gender and identity. Autumn says, ”Involvement with school’s LGBTQI+ club has assisted with personal growth and become more comfortable with one’s own identity, as an individual who is a part of the LGBTQI+ community, which has been a struggle”.

Autumn has been volunteering and going to Rainbow Youth’s GQ, workshops and other activities, promoting, supporting and encouraging others to also be active in the community, are central to core beliefs. Attending Pride Marches, Big Gay Out, Pride Parades and organising activities within school, i.e. Pink Shirt Day fundraising and donations to Rainbow Youth.

Their future goal is to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at AUT and then go into the photography field. Desiring to either go into wedding photography or fashion photography.

Support from RNZCT Scholarship enables Autumn to fulfil a career dream and continue LGBTQI+ involvement, so that they can continue to help and support other young LGBTQI+ people going through a hard time and help them grow as people.

Autumn manages challenges with maturity. Commits to doing one’s best, shows perseverance and a focused attitude to achieve sound results with setting attainable goals. By nature, self-awareness bodes well for a bright future and success at AUT, with an opportunity to thrive in a diverse and creative environment.

Neil Alombro – RNZCT / Aurecon Scholarship
Bachelor of Engineering – University of Canterbury

One of Neil's great passions in life is taking leadership roles in many capacities. This has attributed to him becoming the Deputy Head Boy at Mount Hutt College, being the Student Trustee on the Mount Hutt College and Lauriston School Combined Board for 2019, being 2019 and 2020, Co-Head of the Magazine Committee and Head Editor, founding and leading the MHC UN Youth Group in 2019, being on the 2020 Ashburton Youth Council Executive as Secretary, Bus Monitor for his local school area Lyndhurst Bus for 2018 to 2020, and being one of the first Peer Support Mentors in his school from 2018 to 2020. With all of those positions, Neil says he is grateful to give back to the school and community that have given so much to him and his family.

Neil’s NCEA results were Academic Colours for both 2018 and 2019 for both Level One and Two, and he received the highest level of Academic Certificate of Gold with Excellence for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Major prize-giving awards he has received have been the Top Academic Achievement Award in Year 11, Matt Wallace Memorial Award for Best All-Round Year 11 Boy, the Current Events Trophy for Outstanding Participation, Year 10 Green Family Citizenship Award, Reach for the Stars PRIDE Award in Year 8 and 10.

His volunteering experience includes being a ‘Student Buddy’ for exchange students in all years of eligibility through Year 7-10, a compere for the 2019 MHC Music Fundraising Concert, and as a reading mentor in the ‘Year 10 Boys Reading to Boys Club’ for a group of Year 5/6 boys.

Neil was also heavily involved in the Rainbow Youth Group in his school. He helped in the planning and the activities during his school’s very first PRIDE Week and other Rainbow activities at his school.

He would love to take his leadership skills and become a Project/Operations Manager in the Electrical and Electronic field or be involved in projects that help a wide variety of people and has naturally gravitated towards engineering.

Which ever direction Neil takes we know that he will be a great leader and advocate for our Rainbow community!

Ben Cotton – Russell McVeagh Scholarship
Law and Political Studies – Victoria University

Having come out as bisexual in year 9 whilst still playing rugby at Kāpiti College, it was a rocky road for Ben. However, with a broken collar bone he was now forced to look into other activities at school, such as the arts. Barbershop, choir, drama, Shakespeare etc. This led him to becoming an Arts Captain. Ben soon went on to join the QSA group in year 11 at Kāpiti College, where he loved participating and helping out in all their event, especially the pride parade. Ben helped put together Kāpiti College's Pink Shirt Day and Day of Silence.

Ben intends to study Law so he can fight for people’s rights and represent people who often times do not have anyone fighting for them. Ben plans on studying humanitarian law as well as political studies. “It is my dream to be able to be there for people to see that not only can someone who is LGBTQI+ represent them, but also someone who comes from a diverse cultural background”.

“Growing up from ages 4-10 in Thailand, the cultural norms and expectations made me dream of finding just a wife to have children with and settle in life. Coming back to New Zealand however, made me want, and realise so much more. Firstly, it made me realise how fortunate we are here in Aotearoa… However, whilst we may have our ‘rights’, we must continue to fight on for those who cannot... I realised that, I need to be there for people (other Ben’s) if you will, and be there to talk to people who might be confused or needing guidance.”

We know that Ben is going to make an amazing advocate for those that need his help and we are sure we will see him fulfilling important roles within our Rainbow Community as well!

Sendhil Rungasamy – RNZCT / Countdown Scholarship + UBIQ Voucher
Bachelor of Health Sciences - University of Auckland

Sendhil is both academically and community driven. Some of his outstanding achievements include being elected student Representative on the Board of Trustees at Tawa College for 2018/2019 and a Tawa College 2020 Prefect, appointed the Chairperson for the Year 12 student council. A leader of A-Z, the Tawa College LGBTQI+ group to build greater equality within the community. This included workshops on Gender Identity and LGBTQI+ sexual education and New Zealand’s history in terms of the LGBTQI+ community.

Sendhil assisted in organising Tawa College’s first ever PRIDE week, educating students and staff, this week included a “show your pride” mufti day, educational video, quizzes on LGBTQI+ matters and fundraising events such as bake sales to raise money for Rainbow Youth. Sendhil also volunteered in an initiative that helped elderly individuals during the lockdown, which included grocery deliveries and calling to keep them company.

Senhil is an avid singer and part of Tawa’s Barbershop Chorus, Acapellas and Blue Notes, Tawa’s auditioned chamber choir which was awarded a gold award at the 2019 Big Sing National Finale.

Sendhi helped Tawa’s education tutoring services by offering free weekly tutoring services for both inside and outside of school, also a recipient of both the Porirua Youth Awards and the Rotary Leadership Award.

Public health and medicine are a passion for Sendhil, and it is the industry he aspires to help make a difference in the hopes of being a paediatric oncologist. “Cancer patients are increasing exponentially as years go on and at a rate where there is also an increasing number of patients without doctors and on waiting lists as there just isn’t enough out there that are specialized in oncology”.

We know Sendhil we continue to be of great service to both the Rainbow community and the wider community at large.

Charlotte Blundell – RNZCT / Countdown Scholarship + UBIQ Voucher
Bachelor Arts/Bachelor Health Science Conjoint - University of Auckland

Along with being a school prefect at Mount Hutt College, Charlotte was head of her school Arts Committee and leader of the student GSA group. Charlotte also musically gifted having spent time singing in her school’s Senior Choir, she was also a Section Leader for the Alto Saxophones in her school’s concert band and played the saxophone in a jazz combo.

Sport is also a passion for Charlotte, she plays and umpires Premiere-grade netball and I coaches/mentors up-and-coming umpires. She has also coached and refereed basketball teams within Mount Hutt College.

As leader of the Arts Committee Charlotte, she organised the first Arts Evening held in her school hall with performances throughout the night and an art gallery displaying student art, raising over $1,000 for the Arts Committee to use to fund arts-based projects in the future.

As leader of the student GSA group Charlotte and the Rainbow Youth group organised Mount Hutt College’s first-ever Pride Week with various events and raised $650 towards supporting Rainbow Youth. Charlotte even gave a talk to the Mount Hutt teaching staff about the treatment of our LGBTQI+ students, with examples of discrimination our students have encountered because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. She answered any questions from staff to further educate on the topic, making sure to promote discussion of strategies to prevent LGBTQI+ students from future bullying and harassment and to create a safe environment for students to come out and be themselves.

Charlotte is enrolled in the University of Auckland for a conjoint degree Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Psychology and Population Health. It is her goal to become a clinical psychologist, specialising in working with children and adolescents struggling with their mental health.

“I have grown up with close friends and family struggling with mental health issues and have tried my best to support them through hard times and two years ago, I experienced a personal tragedy where I lost someone close to me. This solidified my choice of study, as I want to prevent others from experiencing what my friend went through.”

We know that someone as talented as Charlotte will definitely have a bright future ahead no matter what path she chooses. Good luck Charlotte!

Kiefer Hunt – RNZCT Scholarship
Veterinary Science – Massey University

Kiefer who is trans (he/him) was proud to be the deputy head boy at Tawa College and was one of the leaders of our school’s Queer Straight Alliance which grew to around 30 students in his year. “I can’t imagine not being involved with the rainbow community. The best part of being a QSA leader is connecting with and supporting a variety of amazing students… I am also going to be a part of Inside Out’s new resource videos and will be speaking at the CARN Chief Executive Breakfast this year. I was also part of a recent two-day workshop, looking into rainbow history and making zine pages inspired by it. Connecting to queer history made me remember how much the rainbow community has always meant to people…”

Kiefer ran the National school’s pride week for his school. This involved organising different events such as arts ‘n’ crafts and a ‘bring an ally day’ for my school’s QSA and educating the teachers on how to be more rainbow-inclusive. “The main idea behind it is to make the teachers visible allies, so all rainbow students will feel safe at school”.

He has also been involved in canteen, the school magazine, Pink Shirt Day, and Valentine’s Day, he co-ran Mental Health Awareness Week at his school which raised over $1000 for the Mental Health Foundation.

“I plan to study Veterinary Science at Massey University, leaning towards becoming a primarily equine or large animal (possibly mixed) vet, specifically in more rural areas. Rural areas get a bad rap for their treatment and opinions of rainbow people compared to the CBD. I would love to use my career and rainbow identity to open up people’s minds and help make a community more inclusive. I’m especially inspired after meeting Lynda Topp at her café in Methven!”

Kiefer is going to make a great vet and we know we will be seeing a lot more of him advocating for our community on many platforms.

Daniel Paterson – RNZCT Scholarship
Bachelor of Design - University of Auckland

Hailing from sunny Whakatane, 18 year old Daniel is a youth leader for the LGBTQI+ community in the area which he says is one of his proudest achievements; “One of my core principles in life is leaving the world a better place than I found it; I see myself achieving that by ensuring that Rainbow Tangata feel more supported and welcomed than I did when they come out”.

In 2020, Daniel was elected to the Whakatane District Youth Council, where he was elected to the leadership team. He also became the Youth Advisor to the Whakatane Ohope Community Board. “It became my mission to support and encourage others either directly or by simply showing them that they are not alone, even in small-town NZ. To aid in this, I worked with my high school support services to found and get officially recognized by the board of trustees, the Whakatane High School Rainbow Group (WHSRG)… Based on the group's success, it became clear to me that it was capable of more, and as such, I turned its focus to fundraising for Rainbow Youth and local Rainbow EBOP; in the first year, we raised $1,561 through the running of a Pink Shirt Day and bake sales.”

Daniel has been a proud member and volunteer of Rainbow EBOP since 2019 and in that time, he has assisted them in the initial development of a program to help organizations become more rainbow friendly. Daniel attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Wellington, where his team championed a pro-LGBTQI+ amendment.

During high school, Daniel was awarded NCEA L1 with Excellence and NCEA L2 with Merit; during his final year, he was awarded NCEA L3 with Merit and First in Geography, High Achievement in Business Studies and Diligence in Sociology. Daniel was also awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Cup and the Digital Technologies Cup.

“My career goal is to work in the intersection of design and business because I believe that the current business model to consumer interaction is broken and is prone to being shaken up. It doesn’t take into consideration the human element. The simple fact is that design is no longer a choice but rather a necessity, and that principle needs to be shown through every part of the company… I see myself ultimately running my own company selling services to assist other businesses as they adapt. I will continue to work with charities to further the opportunities of rainbow youth, especially from rural areas and marginalized demographics.”

Daniel clearly has the drive and leadership qualities that will ensure he goes on to represent our Rainbow community well wherever he lands.

Tame-Cole Satele - RNZCT Scholarship + UBIQ Voucher
LLB/BGlobalST conjoint degree – University of Auckland

As a non-binary transgender student residing in an all-boys school - there were inevitable challenges Tame-Cole would have to overcome; “I see myself as a proponent of change which will promote a culture of diversity so severely lacking from educational institutions on a whole”.

Tame-Cole has spoken in the halls of parliament during their tenure as Youth MP under the Hon. Minister David Parker, their tenure saw nationwide coverage, being featured in a number of newspaper bulletins and online articles detailing the election. Since then they have spoken at a number of nationwide teachers’ conferences such as ULearn where they were a guest panel speaker speaking to their experience as a queer, Akonga Maori in a colonial, heteronormative education system.

They are also one of seven rangatahi who sit as youth board members and previous chairman of the Moko Foundation National Youth Board - a kaupapa run by Rangatahi, for Rangatahi. They also sit as a presiding member of Te Ara Tohu Pumannawa Taiohi - or the Waikato Youth Secondary Tertiary Advisory Group (YSTAG) Youth Board which advises the Ministry of Education at a regional level. This follows a brief stint sitting on the Ministry of Education's Select Committee in 2019.

Tame-Cole also made history at becoming the first ever elected Student Leader of Inclusivity at Hamilton Boys’ High School. Besides this they were also busy undertaking tutoring initiatives at their school; being both a Refugee H/W centre tutor, Nga Mangai Māori Academic Excellence student, and S.A.S.H. mentor.

"I consider myself deeply involved in social justice demonstrations and always willing to give my visible support to any kaupapa which I align myself with. And I believe it is my station as both Takatapui and Fa'afafine which drive my passion to make those measurable changes in the world - and I let no institution bar me from realizing that call to action.

With an excellent academic record they intend on studying a conjoint degree in Global studies and Law. “I've always tried to consolidate the intersections of my cultural identity. In a sense, diplomacy started at birth for me. And undertaking this proposed study pathway is a way to realize a call I feel has been beckoned to me by my tupuna here at home, and my aiga back in the islands. My degree pathway also allows for me to continue my language studies as well as the opportunity to fulfill a placement study in my area of choice - something hugely important to me as an aspiring diplomat”.

Tame-Cole certainly has an exciting and inspiring path ahead of them! We can’t wait to see their name making wakes in both Rainbow and political circles…

2020 Scholarship Recipients

This year the scholarship panel had a tough choice selecting from a large number of applicants who were all incredible leaders and all worthy of being recognition.

Azaria Howell

So many AMAZING Scholarship applicants again this year! Meet another of our 5 winners – Azaria Howell. Azaria’s already an established leader at Cashmere High School & in the wider community. She’s involved in UN Youth events, serves on the Christchurch Youth Council AND is a Youth MP at Parliament this year. She’s also a strong advocate for LGBTI+ issues at community & national level, writes lgbti+ focused articles for NZ youth magazine TearAway, and Rainbow Youth online. Not surprisingly, Azaria is actively involved in debating and the Cashmere High Humanities Council. She was also runner-up in the iSay speech competition and has demonstrated extensive leadership and voluntary commitment. On top of all that, before Azaria left school she supported younger members of the school committee to set up an rainbow social group, ran “rainbow socks day”, and started petitioning for gender-neutral bathrooms at school.While at high-school Azaria has also worked part-time to fund her tertiary study plan. She’s heading to Victoria University for a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Media Studies & minoring in Political Science. This is a focused young woman assured of a very bright future! Join us at the RAINBOW AUCKLAND social event The Mixer on February 5th to meet Azaria and our other 2019 Tertiary Scholarship winners – and watch this space for more Scholar profiles coming soon.

Joel Armstrong

Meet another of this year’s Tertiary Scholarship winners – JOEL ARMSTRONG! Joel’s an amazing young man on a mission. He’s passionate about media & has enrolled in the AUT Bachelor of Communications. He wants to use his skills to represent the LGBTI+ community & make positive change. The Trust was impressed with his openness & tenacity, Joel came out as a gay man at only 14, saying that it was the scariest thing he’d ever done but was determined to do it. He was very involved with Green Bay High School’s Peer Support Sexuality Programme (PSSP) and Sexuality & Gender Acceptance group (SAGA). He also helped organised the school’s first PRIDE Week, it was packed with events every day including a PRIDE parade & was a great success. Joel was also a school Student Leader, a member of the Positive Behaviour For Learning group, organised charity events & fundraisers, and played on the school basketball team. AND he speaks Japanese, and won a study scholarship to Fukuoka Daiichi High School in Japan for 3 months last year. The Tertiary Scholarship programme is the Trust's flag-ship initiative, giving extraordinary young rainbow students the recognition they deserve, & assisting with funding to begin University life. Join us at the Rainbow Auckland monthly social event The Mixer on February 5th to meet Joel and the rest of this year’s Scholarship winners. They are NZ’s young rainbow leaders of the future and deserve our support.

John-Vincent Maxwell

John-Vicent was Head Boy at Papamoa College, and has a passion for fashion! He has also achieved excellence in drama, and won the Gold Award for Community Service this year. He’s from quite a traditional background so the Trust was particularly impressed with his bold decision to out himself to the entire school during his end of year speech as Head Boy – that’s style! John-Vincent has a talent for public speaking, he was selected for semi-finals in his region, and debated in the Youth UN Summit. He was involved in the schools Gay Straight Alliance group (of course) and organised their first Pink Shirt Day. In addition he helped create their first ever School PRIDE week, ensuring the initiative was self-funding AND raised some money for RAINBOW YOUTH. Scholarship decisions are never easy – there are so many fabulous applications from so many amazing LGTBI+ high-school students heading into their first year at Uni. John-Vincent will be starting at Auckland University in the new year, with a double course in Global Studies and TESOL. He’s been working in retail part-time (fashion of course!) while at high-school and hopes to get a transfer to the Auckland store so he’s self-sufficient. And in his “spare time”, he’s eager to get very involved with the LGBTI+ community in Auckland. Join us at RAINBOW AUCKLAND’s social event The Mixer social on February 5th when we present all of this years Scholarship winners. Watch this space for more details.

Lillian McArthur

Lillian tells us she’s been part of the rainbow community since she was 11yrs old. She joined Wellington East Girl’s College Gay Straight Alliance group RECOGNITION in her first year, has led the group since Year 10 & this year was also a Wellbeing Prefect. Two years ago she achieved gender-neutral uniforms & held regular meetings with school staff to educate them on diversity issues, & last year also spoke at the Wgtn Teachers Conference. Lillian also led her school’s PRIDE week inviting Grant Robinson, Tamati Coffey & Tabby Beasley to attend, & last year created the schools first drag show featuring GAG Drag Collective. Lillian received the schools Absolutely Positively Student Award for leadership & community service, along with multiple academic awards over many years. Lillian’s chosen study is a combined Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Arts at Victoria Uni. Her career objective is Humanitarian Law. Outside of school Lillian works part-time, and attends SchoolsOut & QSA Leader meetings organised by InsideOut. She also met with the Ministry of Education about improvements for rainbow students, particularly LBGTI+ sex education in schools. Lillian was nominated alongside InsideOut’s Stacey Dalziel to attend Women’s Words, the Suffrage 125 Reception held by The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy at Government House. The objective of the Trust’s Scholarship programme is to help nurture our rainbow leaders of the future. You’ve now met all 5 of this years winners – the Trustees hope you’ll agree we’ve again done a great job!

Rowan Button

Rowan, our aspiring science student from Sacred Heart Girl’s College in Hamilton. Rowan is one of the Trust’s 5 Tertiary Scholarship winners this year, & is one of our two AUT co-funded scholars. She has been accepted to AUT’s School of Applied Sciences for a Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Studies where she’ll thrive in her passion for biology. Rowan has been very involved with the Hamilton LGBTI+ community since Year 10. She was leader of the school’s Gay Straight Alliance group “Umbrella”, and attends Waikato Queer Youth group WaQuY. Rowan was also a Peer Tutor at Sacred Heart, where she achieved academic excellence. In addition to great academic success Rowan is a highly accomplished musician. She’s a member of the Waikato Rivertones, is the bass section leader in the school Barbershop group, & a singer in the group that won the Isotonix Best Novice Quartet 2019. She also teaches children at the Waikato Community School of Music AND works as a part-time Office Administrator. Rowan is a brilliant young women with a bright future! Join us at the RAINBOW AUCKLAND social event The Mixer on February 5th to meet Rowan and the rest of this year’s amazing new Tertiary Scholars!

2019 Scholarship Recipients

After a record number of outstanding applications the following students were awarded scholarships for showing great leadership and role modelling within their schools and communities.

Georgia Purkiss

Georgia Purkiss – RNZCT / Aurecon Scholarship

GEORGIA is an outstanding STEM subject student from Woodford House in Havelock North & has been accepted to the University of Auckland Engineering School. At high school Georgia was into everything! The "short list" includes: manager of the school's Global Committee and Festival of Cultures team, co-head of the Innovation Committee, organiser of the Servant Leadership day, mentor in the Student Wellbeing programme, school librarian, & hospice volunteer. In her "spare time" Georgia was also captain of the school soccer team & a Hawkes Bay representative player. Georgia is also very musical! She can play "almost" any instrument and is a master on the drums. She plays in a rock band that is in high demand for events at school & the wider community. Georgia has also lead the way for LGBTI+ rights at her strict Anglican high school, and attended the school ball with her girl-friend (a first for Woodford!) where they won CUTEST COUPLE!.. Georgia won the Aurecon Scholarship - the first from Aurecon who also became Rainbow Tick Acredited just before the presentation.

Ruby Wills

Ruby Wills – RNZCT / AUT Scholarship

Ruby is from Selwyn College, Ruby has always been passionate about being being proud of who she is (bisexual) mainly due to growing up in a heavily catholic upbringing. She has found that the Selwyn High School was very supportive and allowed her to be who she is, but also helped raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues via a school play ‘Dusty the Original Pop Diva’ which Ruby was in. Some of Ruby’s involvements while at high school include: KSDA dance show 2018, Ponsonby pride parade 2017 – 18, Play it strange showcase 2015, Variety artists club performance 2018 Attending various sex positive events, Partaking and donating to the “are we there yet?” feminist exhibition at Auckland museum, Donating to online causes on ‘give a little’ for LGBT members of the community needing financial support for surgeries, nontoxic places to stay, and causes to end HIV, Recently participated in 3rd year communication design student Jemma Haymans “make it gay” project involving a photoshoot and interview with some of my other queer friends and partaking in the arts council ‘passion project’ and raising awareness for Bi Visibility. Ruby will study Graphic design at AUT. .

Ezra Baldwin

Ezra Baldwin – RNZCT / AUT Scholarship

Ezra is from Kelston Girls' College. Ezra has been active through the Peer Sexuality Support Program (PSSP). Through this, Ezra was able to meet people in the LGBTQI+ community and learn more about them and their individualities. Doing this, lead Ezra to be able to be a point of contact in school to people who were curious about the LGBTQI+ community or wanted to know how to handle things going on in their own life that they needed friendly guidance on. Ezra is also passionate about Theatre and has been actively involved in theatre productions. Ezra has been accepted into AUT’s Bachelor of Design course, starting in Semester 1, 2019. Through Ezra’s passion for drama they were recently involved in a TV production involving four schools around New Zealand telling a story of their choosing and devising, run by Pango Productions, which will screen on TVNZ1 in 2019.

Gabriel Mulder

Gabriel Mulder – Richard James Memorial Scholarship

GABRIEL MULDER - winner of the Richard James Memorial Scholarship! Gabriel is an exceptional academic from Tauhara College in Taupo, and has been accepted for Pre-Med study at Auckland University. This will support Gabriel's ambition to qualify as a Doctor, with an aspiration to specialise in psychiatry. Gabriel's also a stand-out LGBTI+ leader in the Taupo community. This started at intermediate school when he researched and delivered two presentations on LGBTI+ Rights to students & faculty. He also led the way at high-school including co-ordination of Day of Silence, and successfully petitioned for gender-neutral bathrooms. Gabriel also started the first LGBTI+ social support group for the wider Taupo youth community - Rainbow Rocks. The Trust 's Scholarship interview panel was inspired by Gabriel's story and delighted to offer him the Richard James Memorial Scholarship. Richard was widely known and loved by our community. We lost him suddenly last year while he was holidaying overseas, and a fund was quickly arranged to bring him home. A small surplus of money remained, and the idea to create a one-off scholarship in Richie's name was unanimously agreed. The gift would have appealed to Richie who was a kind, generous, funny and unassuming man. The legacy of those qualities has now passed to the next generation and found the perfect recipient. We wish Gabriel every success in life and career - carry the light forward my friend..

Liam Kennedy

Liam Kennedy – RNZCT Scholarship

LIAM from Westlake Boys High School in Auckland. Liam will be studying Law at Victoria University in Wellington. Liam was a Prefect at school and involved in many leadership initiatives including their rainbow support group. He's also an active Rainbow Youth member and was involved in the Youth Declaration last year.

Ruby Cadman

Ruby Cadman – RNZCT Scholarship

RUBY from St Cuthberts College. Ruby will also be studying Law as well as Arts, at Auckland University. Ruby launched the first LGBTI+ support group in her school and is also a Rainbow Youth leader. Ruby is passionate about making a difference and has a keen interest in Government policy and Foreign Affairs.

Lawson Brownie

Lawson Brownie – RNZCT Scholarship

LAWSON is from St Peters College in Auckland, and will be studying Arts and Commerce at Victoria University in Wellington. Lawson was involved in EVERYTHING at school including many leadership roles, is an active Rainbow Youth member, and a Facilitator for Generation Queer. He intends pursuing a career in mental health with a focus on youth and young people. .

Hamish Bunn

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Hamish Bunn – GABA Trust / AUT Scholarship

Hamish is an engaging student from Morrinsville College who gives 100% to everything he does. He has a penchant for Drama, participating in the school’s “Rather Large Day Out”, a showcase of drama, music and art. This involved acting in a play, and signing as a member of the chorus for the school musical.

Hamish describes himself as reliable, punctual, and a great team player.

Hamish will be studying for a Bachelor of Law at AUT.

Jessy Thurston

Jessy Jean Thurston – GABA Trust / AUT Scholarship

Jess hails from Auckland’s North Shore, attending Northcote College. She has a blue belt in Zen Do Kai, and has played the lead role in a production of Peter Pan for the National Youth Theatre Company. Jessy is looking forward to a career in Journalism, and has already had four articles published in Channel Magazine.

Jessy’s interests include Drama, English and Media, she describes herself as organised and dependable.

Jessy will be studying for a Bachelor of Communications at AUT.

Ethan Morse

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ethan Morse – GABA Trust / Westpac Scholarship

Having come out at 14, Ethan went on to become the very popular and highly respected Head Boy at Katikati College. He led the formation of an LGBTQI+ support group at his school and when the Orlando shootings happened in June 2016, he immediately organised, promoted and led a pride march through the streets of Tauranga in support of those who lost their lives.

He excels in English and Drama and will be going to Victoria University to further those studies.

Finnlay Allerston

Finnlay Allerston – GABA Trust / Westpac Scholarship

Finn doesn't seem to have had any issues with his sexuality since he moved from Twizel to Dunedin to continue his secondary education at Logan Park High School. He and his boyfriend were voted cutest couple at the school formal in 2014, 2015 and again this year even though this year his boyfriend was briefly away in Europe and had to be present as a cardboard cut-out.

Having little need for a support network at school he nonetheless started a diversity group so that other less confident students could get the support they needed. He also has been very active in challenging school policies on gender diversity, and in combating discrimination and bullying in sport.

He will be studying Psychology and Gender Studies at Otago University.

Brooke Milne

Brooke Milne – GABA Trust / AUT Scholarship

Brooke is a transman whose journey from girl to boy while still at Spotswood College in New Plymouth has not stopped him from being a prefect and an outspoken leader within his school and community. He was recognised by his school by getting the Principal's Award for the greatest contribution to the school this year. His leadership has not only included gender and sexuality issues but many other areas of school life and he is unable to be with us tonight because the school needs him as the MC for the Graduation Dinner which he is largely responsible for organising.

Brooke will be studying Creative Technologies at AUT.

Aimee Quinlan

Aimee Quinlan – GABA Trust / AUT Scholarship

Aimee is an exceptionally caring person who has a enormous drive to help those in need. As well as attending college she has volunteered and worked with children with special needs.

Last year she set up a Rainbow Alliance group at her school, Whangaparaoa College, and has ensured the future leadership of the group by mentoring a younger student.

She will be studying at AUT for a Bachelor of Education with psychology in order to continue her work for children with special needs.

Beth Maynard

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Beth Maynard

From Long Bay College, Beth is very high-achieving academically and a school leader in many areas.

She has been active with Rainbow Youth serving on the Campaigns, and Finance and Culture Committees and is currently the board treasurer.

She will be beginning a Bachelor of Arts in History, planning to achieve a Doctorate and become a university academic.

Bryan Law

Bryan Law

Bryan was born in NZ of Malaysian Chinese parents.

He has been at Newlands College in Wellington where he is Head Boy, co-chairs the School Council and also fills other leadership positions.

He is academically very successful and participates in many school activities both sporting and in the arts while also volunteering outside school.

He hopes to be able to continue his volunteer work with LGBTQI+ youth while studying for a conjoint Bachelor of Law and Arts at the University of Auckland.

Kate Warburton

Kate Warburton

Kate is from Botany Downs Secondary School where she played a major role in establishing a successful and sustainable LGBTQI+ group for which she also prepared much of the material used by the group.

Passionate about writing, Kate will be doing a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Culture specialising in Creative Writing.

Jesse Ung

Jesse Ung

Jesse Ung is a New Zealand-born Cambodian from James Cook High School in Manurewa.

Since coming out at 13, he has always been involved with his school’s LGBTQI+ groups, generally in leadership positions. He’s also volunteered extensively outside school.

He is passionate about film and will be doing a Bachelor of Communications focussing on film studies.

Daniel Collings

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Collings

Daniel went to Mahurangi College where he was Head Boy and was involved with many school activities in both the arts and sporting areas including being the coach for underwater hockey.

He will be studying Communications.

Courtney Bassett

Courtney Bassett

Courtney went to Rangitoto College where she was a top scholar. She was extensively involved with the performing arts including writing and acting, and a satirical piece she created about the homophobia of Colin Craig can be seen on Youtube. She is also a published poet and an intern at a radio station.

She wishes to study English and Theatre at The University of Auckland.

Jacob Angus

Jacob Angus

Jacob went to Rosehill College where he was a House Leader and Māori Leader. He was a co-founder of the school’s Celebrating Diversity Group for which he had pushed for several years.

He is particularly interested in developing young leaders from amongst the more marginalised groups in society and this is part of his desire to study Social Work at The University of Auckland.

Vernon James

Vernon James

Vernon went to Long Bay College where he was the Arts Captain. A person who hates being idle, he has been involved in a myriad of school activities including organising a Straight Gay Alliance at his school. He was also on the Auckland Council’s Youth Advisory Panel and involved with many community charities. He has had his own company since age 10 called Balloon Mania which provides balloons for many significant events.

He intends to do a conjoint Business and Communications degree.

Johann Go

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Johann Go

Johann studied at St Patrick’s Silverstream in Wellington, a conservative catholic college where he consistently challenged the school’s heterosexist attitudes. He is a very active online advocate on LGBTQI+ issues with a large following, and set up a support group for LGBTQI+ students at school and, with the help of the school counsellor, changed the attitudes of the school’s priest and headmaster.

Johann is also very active in the wider community including St John’s Ambulance, where he is a Cadet Leader and has received the St John’s Grand Prior’s Award. He set up his own group, The Compassionate Marists, to assist elderly residents in rest homes and was recognised for this work by the Upper Hutt City Council. He was also a Youth Advisor to this council.

Johann will be studying medicine in Auckland.

Joni Nelson

Joni Nelson

Joni studied at Long Bay College where she excelled in Drama, Media Studies and Photography. She organised, ran, performed in, and directed numerous arts events. She was also been very active in the LGBTQI+ affairs at school and in the wider community: writing, creating NZ’s first QSA online forum and starting a QSA group at school, and she has been a facilitator and Volunteer Committee member with Rainbow Youth.

Joni is planning an arts degree in psychology and media at The University of Auckland.

Rawinia Thompson

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Rawinia Thompson

Rawinia was a very popular and successful leader of the Wellington Girls College Student Council. She was an executive prefect, occasional student representative on the school board and involved with her school’s Queer Straight Alliance. She also volunteered and fund-raised for Victim Support and was involved with JustSpeak – a community advocacy group on criminal justice.

Rawinia plans to do a conjoint Law and Arts degree including Political Science and Public Policy and intends to work in the political arena.

Joshua James

Joshua James

Joshua was a Student Leader and Peer Support Senior at Kaipara College. He set up a QSA at Whangaparaoa College when faced with bullying there and went on to assist with setting up QSAs at other schools.

He has served on the Auckland District Health Board’s Peer Sexuality Support Programme, Auckland City Council’s Youth Advisory Panel and has worked with the Ministry of Youth Development’s advisory committee and as the Youth Representative on its funding board. He plans to take a conjoint Law and Arts degree with Public Policy as a focus and says, “I want to be Prime Minister”.

Kiran Foster

This year the quality of applicants was so high that the Trust awarded a study grant for an exceptional third student.

Kiran Foster

Kiran was born in Singapore and came to New Zealand when they were nine years old. An accomplished musician and photographer, they were a Young Scholar at the University of Auckland studying Maths and Computer science.

Kiran is a Rainbow Youth volunteer and is involved with Q West in Henderson. They are also doing a conjoint Law and Arts degree with the hope of working in the non-profit sector defending civil liberties or minorities issues.

Jack Winter

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Jack Winter

Jack was Deputy Head Boy at Fairfield College. He was active in both sports and the arts. He started a Queer Straight Alliance group at his school and was a voluntary Facilitator at Waikato Queer Youth.

He is very motivated to help others make the most of their potential, and pro-active in improving and developing groups he is involved in. Jack intends to study for BA majoring in Theatre Studies.

Farran Ram

Farran Ram

Academically able, and involved in a wide variety of school activities at Massey High, Farrran has shown a dedication to helping both her fellow students and others in the wider community. She intends to study health sciences with the goal of becoming a doctor, and we expect her drive and ability will ensure that she succeeds.

Iefata Williams

The Trust was asked by the Cartier Trust to select another student for a scholarship they wished to award. The following candidate was chosen.

Iefata Williams

From Kelston Boys High School, Iefata has been involved in sport as a player, referee and coach as well as being a stage performer. Recognised by his school as a leader, he has also mentored junior pupils. Iefata intends to study Health Sciences with the goal of entering Medical School.

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Alex Edney-Browne

Alex is from Devonport where she attended Takapuna Grammar. She has achieved firsts in class in three years for English, History and Media Studies. She has been a member of the Peer Support Team, the Peer Sexuality Support Programme the main focus is increasing gay awareness in school. Alex has been active in trying to make her school LGBTQI+ friendly, speaking about challenging homophobic language in Staff Briefing and the Dean’s meeting.

She made a short film about homophobia which was shown in all year level assemblies later winning ‘Most Creative Promotion’ award at prize-giving. The film is now being used by a Rainbow Youth Educator in schools. She has run homophobia workshops in Year 10 Health Classes this year and last year and has been a member of Generation Queer at Rainbow Youth.

On the sports side of things, Alex has been a coach to the Year 10 Girls Soccer team. She participated in the Michael King Writers Centre creative writing workshops at the beginning of the year and was also lucky enough to be approved for the Auckland University Young Scholars Programme, where for one essay, she got a question about sexuality in New Zealand, a topic she is really passionate about reading Mates and Lovers: a History of Gay New Zealand and got an A+. Alex’s main love is films and she works at the newly restored Devonport Theatre as a projectionist.

Alex plans to start a Bachelor of Arts degree at Victoria University double-majoring in Political Science and Film.

Logan Reynolds

Logan is from Hamilton where he attended Fairfield College. Here he was Editor of the college magazine and indulged in his loves for writing. He was elected Head Boy winning both the student and teacher votes and approval from the Principal and School Board. He has used his position to encourage a number of students identifying as LGBTQI+ to be comfortable with their sexuality and to change attitudes in the school overall.

He has been active in acting (Mitch in Streetcar Named Desire) and re-enacted a musical number from Moulin Rouge. He was an active member of Students Against Drink Driving, and the anti-harassment team in the school, which is at the forefront of efforts to eradicate bullying. He also became a member of the Hamilton Youth Council where local government issues were approached from a youth perspective.

Logan is keen on journalism and won a scholarship this year through Global Focus which offered him training sessions in Wellington and publishing opportunities for an article on global mental health. He will be studying at the University of Waikato taking a conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Teaching, with a double major in English and History. His goal is to teach these subjects and become a positive role model in the education system.

Matt Hickmont

Matt is from Hamilton and spent 16 years of his life on his family’s dairy farm. A graduate of St Paul Collegiate, Matt is a top level student with a strong interest in the fields of art, photography and design. This year he achieved top student in Art Photography and Art Painting and received the Thornton Gallery Award for most promising artist in the school.

He came out to his school in the 5th form. He was Stage Challenge director for two years in a row, captain of the Under 15A hockey team, a swimmer, runner and weight club member. Matt became a School Prefect, Head of Social and leader of Hamilton House as an out and proud gay student — a first at this private male-only school. Matt was Head of the School Ball Committee, leader of the Culture and International Students portfolios and Head Tenor in the School Choir.

Matt loves the arts and culture: musicals, drama, art, dancing, and design. His focus is now on fashion and seeks to build a creative career in the fashion industry. Matt will be enrolling for a Bachelor of Design course of studies at Massey University Wellington.



Scholarships are offered annually to students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex (LGBTQI+); seen as good role models by peers and teachers; and who have excelled in effort and achievement in their secondary education.

Candidates will apply by completing all parts of the application form. Applications close 31 October. A shortlist will be finalised in November, and interviews with those candidates will be scheduled for early December. Interviews are held in Auckland but can be facilitated by video conference for out-of-town candidates. Successful recipients should be available to accept the award in person at a nominated time and place in Auckland.

Recipients will be asked to report to the Trust during and at the end of their Scholarship and to provide the Trust with updates on their progress in future years.

Tertiary Scholarship Conditions:

The Award is open to any LGBTQI+ student who is enrolling in a full time degree course, of at least three years duration, at any tertiary level institution recognised as such by the NZQA. The degree must be on the New Zealand Register of Quality Assured Qualifications. The recipient must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and have lived in New Zealand for at least the previous two years.

The recipients will be entering the first semester of year one, having successfully completed secondary school and having achieved university entrance in either of the previous two academic years prior to the year of intended tertiary study. (This allows for students taking a gap year.)

The recipient will have shown a good level of academic achievement during their secondary studies. Involvement in extra-curricular/co-curricular activities will be of particular interest. The recipient's personal history, financial needs, academic record (particularly in terms of effort and achievement), and plans will be taken into account.

The Scholarship will be paid upon proof of registration and payment of course fees. Recipients who hold other grants or awards may be awarded a sum up to the value stipulated by the regulations (if any) relating to those grants or awards.

For further information, please contact:
Gresham Bradley, Chair
Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust
Box 68 213
Auckland 1145
[email protected]