The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust offers organisations and individuals who are interested in supporting the LGBTTQIA+ community in New Zealand, an opportunity to partner with us as we work to achieve our objectives.


  • make decisions and distributions of sponsorship funding as most needed and beneficial
  • provide an easy way for people to support individuals and groups in the LGBTTQIA+ communities
  • provide validation for Rainbow Tick certified organisations' annual audit requirement to provide meaningful ongoing support to the LGBTTQIA+ community
  • provide public and community recognition of Sponsors’ support.

Sponsorship Options

Scholarship Sponsorship

The Trust invites Sponsorship of specific Scholarships. These are co-branded with the Sponsor’s name and, in partnership with the Trust, the Sponsor can determine specific terms, programmes of study and/or the amounts of each Scholarship. Internships can also be a part of the benefits of any Scholarship.


Sponsors can have naming rights for any particular scholarships. Scholarships can be: targeted for study at a named institution open for study anywhere in NZ targeted at a particular course/subject of study awarded for one or multiple years of study offered in conjunction with an internship

Community Support & Development

Sponsors can choose to support general organisations/events in the community through the Trust’s Grants programme. The Trust can also enable sponsors to have any proportion of their sponsorship directed to any specific organisations or purpose. Funding agreements with recipients will ensure that they agree to display the Trust’s and the Sponsor’s logo on promotional or event materials.

Event Sponsorships

The Trust holds high-profile fundraising events and welcomes Financial or Service Sponsorships. Our events are professionally managed and attract large audiences. Options for Sponsorship vary by event and will be presented to Trust Supporters in a timely manner.

Service Sponsorships

The Trust welcomes any monetary or non-monetary donations that could be supplied to the Trust itself or to organisations in the community. Sponsorships can be provided for general distribution by the Trust where most needed or targeted in whole or in part to a specific organisation, group or activity. Examples are: Administration, Accounting, Banking, Events (Hospitality and Facilities), IT Software Support, Telecommunications, Transport

We also maintain an Emergency Fund to enable us to respond to urgent time-critical situations.

Sponsors will receive recognition for any funds or services provided. Acknowledgement will be profiled clearly for your level of support on the Trust website, on our social media pages, and in our media releases and LGBTTQIA+ community communications.
In the case where funds are targeted to a particular community organisation through the Trust, we will work to ensure that agreed recognition of that support will be provided by the recipient. We work closely with all Sponsors to achieve these outcomes.

Contact us to request a Sponsorship Proposal Presentation.