The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust are privileged to support our LGBTTQIA+ communities.  

Our Community Grants contribute to permanent LGBTTQIA+ services and resources that provide education, cultural benefit, health, welfare and support, to ensure their sustainability. 

Grants are available to: 

  • LGBTTQIA+ run or managed not-for-profit organisations.  
  • Funding must deliver measurable benefit to the rainbow community and be rainbow-affirming.  
  • Grants are available for projects, support services, resources and events including PRIDE parades & festivals, and some overhead or operational costs.   
  • The Trust supports applications which benefit the wider NZ Rainbow community rather than any particular individual. 

Funding criteria for support includes:

  • Being a rainbow oriented organisation 
  • Alignment with the Trust's purpose and objectives
  • Applications that benefit wider NZ Rainbow communities rather than any particular individual
  • The ability of the applicant to deliver the proposed project based on their submitted scope and budget

If you meet these criteria, we look forward to recieving your application.


Trust Expectations
Trust sponsors, donors and supporters want to know where our funds go and who benefits from them, in order to demonstrate our commitment and wide benefit to the community. We expect that an acknowledgement of Trust funding will be provided by your organisation. The Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust Logo is to be included on the recipient organisation's website and any printed promotional or marketing materials, programme or tickets, or an appropriate written acknowledgement.

The following is required from recipients:

  1. Trust references or re-posted Trust stories in social media posts by the recipient organisation.
  2. Acknowledgement of the Trust’s support at any launch/s, public meetings and AGM (if any).
  3. Sharing of your organisation’s logo, photos and videos (if available) for posting on the Trust's website.
  4. A brief summary covering the outcomes and achievements of event funded/co-funded by the Trust.
  5. The above items are to be provided by email (scans of printed materials accepted) within one month of the conclusion of the funded activity or within 6 months of receipt of funding, whichever comes first.
  6. Evidence of expenditure of the funding provided for the purpose requested may be requested. This can include copies of paid invoices, copies of bank statement entries, or a similar standard of proof. 
  7. Any significant failure to comply with the Trust's expectations could void future funding allocations.


By completing this form, your organisation agrees this initiative is rainbow run and lead and to deliver upon the above expectations.